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never have I related to a gif so much before…. 

But baby, it’s okay. I swear its okay. 

Got my first hickey and I love it.

My emotions keep ricocheting from one emotion to the other. It’s like I want you know, but then I hate you. Then I want you in my life, but then I wish you would get out of it. Life would have been a lot better, if I had never seen you that day. 

there’s school tomorrow
aint nobody got time for that 

Not even the least excited. I just want to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep, and to enter in a state of oblivion. 

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It’s a Friday night, and here I am (well was) doing AP homework. Wooo for my life.  I mean I’m wasting my time doing homework, when I could really be doing….. nothing, like I do every friday. 

whatever, I was going to go to bed late anyways. SO WHO CARES IF I’M IN TUMBLR WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING MY LAB NOTEBOOK. 

I’m honestly super excited for Christmas. Winter season in general, makes me happy just thinking about it. 

I regret not buying that vest. ugh. 


So sorry for the lack of posting this few days! I live in the tri-state area, and as most of you may know, Hurricane Sandy hit the area a couple of days ago. Many lost their homes, personal belongings, loved ones and so on. Others were “fortunate” to only lose their power. Among those people, were the people in my neighborhood, including myself. Since Monday night, we did not have any power nor heating system, only gas for cooking and hot water. It was until today that the power came back. Anyhow I’ll be posting regularly :) 

new profile picture was a success. oh yeah…. LOL 

Does anyone know how to block just ONE person from writing on your facebook timeline? I know there’s an option to block everyone, but I just want to block one person. Thanks if you help! :)