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All I want this christmas is the American Apparel “Disco Pant” omfg I’ve been lusting over those for the longest time!!!!!!!!!!!!

This kid just asked me to give him an overview on a list of essays WE were supposed to look online. 

Have.So.Much.Homework. I can’t even. 

Today, I fell in love with Vince Camuto’s shoe “Liliana”. omfg. I got to make those babies mine. 

I definitely need to start doing Track again. This summer has been so lethargic for me, I’ve probably gained about 5 pounds. It’s still a good thing I haven’t lost the tone but I don’t want to loose it… ugh this is going to be so hard, managing everything .. 

If I was blonde and my skin tone was a little bit lighter, I would definitely do peach highlights or just dye it pink. I just love that style so much. 

Still no computer :| I’m getting really aggravated now.

I’m so sorry for the lack of posts. I still have not received my computer, but apparently I’m getting it today. I’m using my mom’s computer, but it’s so annoying to use it, because…. I don’t like the mouse. Ugh. Well, hopefully, I’ll receive it this evening and do some more blogging.

So my main computer is not working. However I took it to the technician this afternoon to get it repaired, and I’m getting it back on Monday night :\ So morose right now. Anyways I’m going to be out for the entire weekend, I’m going to set up a queue, but just know that means I’m not online. Hopefully my laptop is my hands Monday night in mint conditions :\

New Jersey seems like a cool state. But my city sucks. Seriously. All the attractive and intellectual people are everywhere else BUT my city. 

I recently discovered Sophie Zelmani, and oh my I think I found a new favorite artist. Her voice is so soothing and incredibly beautiful. I’m so glad I found her :’) 

If anyone wants a banner or an icon, let me know and I can make you one. I’m pretty decent at photoshop lol, so just message me here :)

A banner like the one on this blog

Or an icon like this one

Finally, I’ve made the beauty blog I was planning for so long. It came into fruition today and I’m so happy with the results. Can’t wait to review more products because honestly it’s a lot of fun. I missed blogging like that. Brings me back to the old days :’) Anyhow if any of you are interested on beauty reviews or just want to check it out, click here, and it will direct you to it. 

This is what I plan on using that blog for : 

1) Beauty products review (hence the name) 

2) DIY projects

3) Hair and fashion inspiration 

4) Outfits of the day (OOTD) and more

anyhow yeah, that’s all. 

I also have some links that will direct you to actions, photo sets, and backgrounds I’ve made. Sorry for filling your dash with these :x but I think it may be helpful to some. 

Hey guys, this is out of the ordinary but I’ll be posting some photoshop tutorials for those who are interested. They all will go into a page that’s going to be made, which will be called  ” Photoshop Tutorials” If you are starting photoshop or just want to know something new, I’ll have a variety of videos. If you guys need anything else, like  something I haven’t done then you can message me and I would definitely help you out :)