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More photoshop edits (includes icons)

Some more edits I’ve made today, let me know what you think of them. I also have them in my deviantart account. If you want one, message me here! I take requests :)  (click the read more to see them) 

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So I just made two backgrounds or edits/graphics. I was bored soo yeah, here they are : 

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (movie) 

One Day (movie) 

If you want one,let me know :) 

If anyone wants a banner or an icon, let me know and I can make you one. I’m pretty decent at photoshop lol, so just message me here :)

A banner like the one on this blog

Or an icon like this one

A pinkish photoshop action

I also have some links that will direct you to actions, photo sets, and backgrounds I’ve made. Sorry for filling your dash with these :x but I think it may be helpful to some. 


Hey guys, this is out of the ordinary but I’ll be posting some photoshop tutorials for those who are interested. They all will go into a page that’s going to be made, which will be called  ” Photoshop Tutorials” If you are starting photoshop or just want to know something new, I’ll have a variety of videos. If you guys need anything else, like  something I haven’t done then you can message me and I would definitely help you out :)